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Erotic Baking Cakes USA X-rated Adult Cakes Exotic candy exotic cookies

Over 3000 stores Nationwide in 50 States and Canada we are open 24/7 with delivery around the clock in one hour

We supply Bachelorette erotic cakes, bachelor x-rated cakes, birthday theme shaped cake , anniversary, parties and candy……

1-866-396-8429  We deliver 24/7 cakes in one hour notice

Testimonials ( please email us your experiences to add to our long list of customers)

1.  Taylor (Louisiana, New Orleans)  — Erotic Bakery USA is amazing! I have now ordered three cakes for friends’ birthdays and they have all been excellent quality and also delicious. My friends absolutely love getting these as gifts. They are reliable, efficient and extremely quick at processing your order.

I live in New Orleans and had cakes delivered to Austin, Georgia and New Orleans and they were all extremely fast and all looked and tasted amazing. The staff is friendly, prompt and very concerned about getting your order perfect.

We brought a boob cake into a restaurant to serve for dessert and the wait-staff found it hilarious and wanted to know where we got the cake.

I will be using their services in the future for any type of a celebration…now I can’t wait until one of my friends gets married so we can have a blast of a bachelorette party!

2.  Jaimie (New York, New York) — i took a chance on this place after a friend found them on google, and i ordered a penis cake for my sister’s bachelorette party. all the girls at the party LOVED it, and my sister, who saw it last as a surprise, was absolutely shocked and amazed. it was definitely a highlight of the party!

i spoke with Neil on the phone – he was extremely professional and helpful, followed through on the order as promised, calling to make sure the delivery went smoothly and that we were pleased. i would definitely recommend the business. the website does look a bit old, but everyone from management to the delivery person came through with only a week’s notice, with an early morning weekend delivery out in lake grove, LI. i was extremely satisfied and would use erotic bakery again.

3.  Niko (New York, Queens) — My cake was awsome. To pretty to cut. I have set in stone for women to have a female reproductive cake done. Lots of women these days are getting rid of the reproductive organs aka hysterectomy.
All of my guest(s) as well as those that came in to look at the hall were in awe when they saw my cake. So thank you very much for helping me celebrate getting rid of my reproductive organs with a visualization of a cake.

4.  Elizabeth (New Jersey, Old Bridge) — If you want to get that special someone a cake, this is the place to shop. Put a smile on their face or make them blush.  This was the best birthday cake I ever bought. Joe is a pleasure to deal with and keeps in contact with you till your cake is delivered.
I will definitely buy a cake from here again.

5.  Sagit (New York, Queens) I was very impressed on how everything turn out. My boyfriend loved the cake and was very surprised the detail that EROTIC BAKERY can make on a cake. Everyone should order from them if you like your bake goods a lil dirty. 😉

6.  Carrie (California, Escondido) — I wanted to order a camera cake as a surprise for my photographer enthusiast husband for his birthday. Joe is the guy to talk to at Erotic Bakery USA! Had it delivered to the hotel we were staying at. The cake looked just like my husbands’ camera-he didn’t even want to cut into it and eat it! It was awesome! I will definitely be ordering from this bakery again…for myself! Absolutely loved it! Thanks for making his birthday EXTRA special!

7.  Greg (New York, Bronx) — When you need an erotic cake for any reason at all this is the only bakery worth considering. I ordered a custom job for 50 people — a cock and balls in ball and chain roped off inside a crime scene. I got the whole order done with one call in less than 10 minutes and left the rest to them. The cake arrived in fu detail down to pubic hairs. And it tasted great. Every guest was impressed. Will definitely call upon again when in need. Sure it’s on the pricier side but you’re not pinching pennies when you’re tasting cherry titties and nibbling chococolate nuts.

8.  L.T. (Ohio, Groveport)  — I ordered a cake for my husband’s birthday. I got a cake with boobs emerging from an unbuttoned shirt with a tie flung over the shoulder. The cake looked better than the picture on the website and it tasted great!!!!! The service was top notch and it was delivered right to my house when they said it would. I will definitely use them in the future and recommend them to all my friends. My husband was delighted and the cake was the hit of the party!!!

9. Marcia (New York, New York)  — Your cake was the hit of the party!! Thank you so much for a great product and great service

10.  Nancy (new York, Astoria) If you need an erotic cake look no further!!! This erotic bakery is amazing!!! They have quite a selection and are very willing to customize your cake. When I ordered a cake for my friends bachelorette party they were nothing but accommodating! The cake came out better then I imagined and arrived on time!! I will def be back to order more cakes in the future!!

11.  Derrick (New Jersey, Lyndnhurst0 — After trying to come up with surprises for my friend’s bachelor party. I thought it would be a great idea to order an erotic cake. I placed the order with Erotic Bakery  described what type of cake I wanted. Joe was excellent. He called several times to provide updates on the cake and called once the cake was deliver to ensure everything was to our liking. Definitely will recommend Erotic Bakery to all my friends. Thanks again.

12.  Star (New York, Brooklyn) — I threw a bachelorette party for a friend on June 27th. so ofcourse I was shopping online for a penis cake and stumbled upon erotic bakery usa . they have so many great selections, I chose one and called the number to order. Spoke with Aaron, who was wonderful! He made things easy and smooth and reassured that the cake would be delivered at the time I requested. Saturday came and the cake was there, right on time! The cake looked great and tasted delicious. Very realistic looking cake, if u know what i mean. My friends got a kick out of it… ladies & gents if you need a great cake, contact this company because they are wonderful and reliable..:) Thanks,

13.  Eileen (California, Irwin0 — I had placed an order for the Mr. Tux Dick To Stand Up cake for my best friend’s Bridal Shower in Orange County , CA the day before the event. I had spoken with Neil , who was very easy to talk to and very professional. Neil was very helpful in making sure that the order was what I wanted exactly.

The cake was delivered within the time range given to me by Neil, and was delivered very discretely. I like the fact that they want you to look at the cake prior to leaving, to make sure it meets your satification. It was as seen on the website, and it was surprisingly very moist and tasty. It was a great surprise for everyone, since they never know what I’m going to do next.

I would highly recommend Erotic Bakery for those special moments, making them more memorable. They are very professional, decrete, and accommodating which are some qualities hard to find nowadays.

14.  Leah (Rhode Island, Providence) — They were great!! I called 2 days before my now husbands bachelor party.  They made and delivered it in plenty of time, I didn’t get to see it but everyone there said it looked great and was delicious.  Thanks again!!

15. Keith (Illinois, Oswell) — Wanted to get something special for my wife’s birthday. What else would she want but an Ass Cake? Every step of the way – from ordering online, phone confirmation, delivery and eating the cake – was great. If you want a fun cake, this is the place to buy from.

16.  Caren (Virgina, Gloucester) — I wanted a sexy cake for my husband’s 40th birthday and got this bakery’s information from a friend.  I called, told them what I wanted….they took the information, had the cake delivered THAT DAY, and it was pretty much what I asked for.  There were a few small differences as to minor details in order to get it done that quickly but nothing that changed the overall appearance from what I was looking for.  The bakery called several times to ensure satisfaction and success with the party, etc…..

17.   Carol (Florida, Boca Raton) —- I had a bachelorette party in boca raton florida last month. Found this adult erotic bakery site after my friend had there bachelor party in Orlando. They suggested that I use the site. I did and a wonderfull salesgirl debbie in the boca Florida store gave me a beautiful dirty adult x rated cake. It arived ahead of scedual and was the hit of the party. Loved it all thanks

18.  Tammy (Florida, Boca Raton) — we live in florida, fort Boca Raton to be exact. we needed a cake from this bakery, in new york. Listed on yelp i turusted thier reviews, but was worried about shipping to florida. So we spoke to phil in thier boca branch he explained they have many store over 100 in the usa. I ordered a adult cake to a fum x-rated party last week. They were total professionals, and knew what they were doing. Hats off to the erotic bakery of florida, the the crew, i will use them any where i have a party.

19. Leslie (Washington Dc) — I tried this erotic bakery in Washington DC again this month. The Maryland adult bakery took care of my adult cake. They out did them selfs again. Service aaas remarkable the dirty thirty erotic adult cake was delivered to Washington DC on time and looked and tasted superb. Thanks a secound time. A special thanks to lisa my sales girl for the follow up and device.

20.  Frank (California, Beverly Hills) — It was Friday night about 9pm a five-hour ride mind you. We were on our way from San Francisco California, to Beverly Hills California. In the car we all said what are we going to do for our friends 30th birthday party tomorrow. Some one went on their I-phone, and went to yelp. Found this cool erotic bakery web site. So it said one-hour notice, and we called. Not only was their a sales girl (Joyce thumbs up for her) on hand, she took the order, right their and then. We pulled up to our friend’s beach house. About 2 hours later before we went to sleep, a delivery guy called us and confirmed the delivery. To make it short we got the delivery, the cake was a hit, I will post a picture, it looked fantastic. Plus’s all around for the erotic bakery, thanks one more time. Frank

21-  Susan (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) — We were on vacation in wasin Dallas Texas when our best friend was having a bachelortte party. We relised we needed an erotic cake. So we went to yelp and found an erotic bakery in Dallas Texas. They were wonderful . They  called me the morning of the party to check on me. Then they emailed me a picture of my cake before delivery. The cake was perfect and on time.  The service is one of the best I have ever seen.  Thanks I will try you again in another state like California.

22.  Kristy ( California , Van Nuys ) —  had this bachelorette party in Philadelphia Pennsylvania from this exotic We went to Philly from way of Los Angeles California. I got this recommendation from a friend on the east coast. When I went to the site I found a huge array of exotic cakes, cookies, and chocolates. The dancers were on time, the girl loved it all, and at the end I brought out there cake. This good-looking man of a cake had an enormous manhood standing, pointing up and was a hit of the party. Not only did it look good, wow the taste was like mom made it. I will use them every time; I have a party in California or Philly. Special note to management, a special thanks to Charlize sales girl, she made my experience a pleasure. I just used them in Atlantic city new jersey new york area, spoke to a girl named susan, very professional. liked how she called the day of the event to make sure we were thier for the delivery. She emailed me the cake the night before for apoval. Then after the delivery into the casino on the strip in atlantic city new jersey, on time i might add. The bakery called to check that we liked the cake, the the delivery service. Customer service with them have been on the nose. Will continue to use them. thanksss I had this bachelorette party in Philadelphia Pennsylvania from this exotic We went to Philly from way of Los Angeles California. I got this recommendation from a friend on the east coast. When I went to the site I found a huge array of exotic cakes, cookies, and chocolates. The dancers were on time, the girl loved it all, and at the end I brought out there cake. This good-looking man of a cake had an enormous manhood standing, pointing up and was a hit of the party. Not only did it look good, wow the taste was like mom made it. I will use them every time; I have a party in California or Philly. Special note to management, a special thanks to Charlize sales girl, she made my experience a pleasure.

23. Julie (  Philadelphia Pennsylvania )  — I stumbled on this site months ago. I ordered a cake in Philadelphia Pennsylvania last month. the service was professional and they seemed to pay close attention to the small details . The girls in the PA store were polite and kind to me. the cake was delivered pretty much on time. The adult cake look good to us. It even feed more people than we ask it for. The taste was like an old world bakery that was a plesent surprise. I can say that the bachelorette party was a hair better thanks to this bakery. I recommend them for a custom cake at your next party.

24.  Nicole ( Nevada , Henderson ) — My sister’s bachelorette party was this past March in NJ/NY. I was her MOH and currently live in Las Vegas. Things were already difficult to plan but the bakery made it easy! The bridal party mentioned ordering a cake and I found this bakery. I took a risk and gave a call and placed an ordered. The manager was extremely pleasant and accommodating. The price was a little steep, however, the bachelorette party and guests were extremely satisfied!! It fed 20+ people with some extra left over and the cake tasted delicious! They delivered it to the restaurant in NJ on time and didn’t charge me extra. I would recommend this bakery to others.

25.  Lea (New York, Manhattan) — I ordered a breast cake for my two “boobs” of co-workers and the cake was a hit!!! It was exactly what I was looking for, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the cake, which was surprising because I think they were expecting mediocre taste since it was so well-made! Service and delivery was exceptional, and the follow-up calls before and after were a plus. Looking forward to ordering from them again so I can embarass yet another co-worker

26.  Jershon (New York, Brooklyn0 — I used the bakery in Brooklyn, NY. Great personal service. Ordered the cake for my friends Bachelorette party just about a day or two before hand and it was delivered on time with no problems.
They all loved the cake. It tasted amazing and when i called they actually helped me find a cake that would fit my budget. I would definitely use this bakery again with no second thoughts

27. Nancy (New Hampshire) — Customer Service was excellent over the phone and the delivery was on time. Several follow up calls were placed by them to ensure satisfaction. In addition, the actual cake delivered made up for the initial sticker shock. The cake was not your run of the mill white cake and wicked sweet frosting. There were several layers separated by REAL whipped cream and the cake was covered in fondant. It made for an all around hit with the 25 year old birthday boy, and the 83 yr old grandmother who had started this 25th birthday tradition 40 some odd years ago. Tastefully done

28.  Tom (  Philadelphia Pennsylvania )  — Two guys in work retired about a month ago. I wanted to get a funny cake, and I needed it in 3 days. I found Erotic Bakery USA online. I ordered the breast cake. Let me tell you not only did the cake look awesome it tasted great. if your looking for an erotic cake this is the place to call. It made the retirement party!!!!!

29. Kelli (Chicago, Illinois) — I got a cake from the Chicago, IL location for my sister’s bachelorette party and it was amazing. Everyone loved it and it was a surprise for everyone because no one knew that I was getting it. They were willing to work in my price range, and they delivered it directly to the hotel and dropped it off at the front desk for me! It was great. I will definitely use them again and recommend them to my friends!

30. Nehmat (New York, Huntington Station) — awesome cake for my friends bridal shower. couldnt have asked for anything more !!!!!! Aaron was awesome !!! even loved the fact that followed up to make sure everything was ok with the order !!! definately use them again  !!!!

31. Jesse (new York, Manhattan) — This was truly an amazing and delicious cake.  It looked great.  I ordered a penis cake for a friend’s birthday.  They responded immediately with lots of questions on exactly how I wanted the cake to look/taste, etc.

They got the cake done early, and it looked and tasted great.  They even called that night to make sure everything was fine.

Extremely professional, amazing cakes.  I will definitely go back to them the next time I want an exotic cake.  Will post pictures of the cake soon…

32.  Monica (Dallas, Texas) — I am from Dallas Texas and we had a bachelorette party were still talking about months later.

Growing up in New York, when I came to Dallas Texas a few years ago, thought I would be depraved of the essentials that I was used to like my local adult bakery in the city. Never happen, I’ve used this web site many times with parties in New Jersey and New York Manhattan, so when I called them for a cake in Dallas Texas, I was very pleased to hear they do cakes in all states. Getting to the service Nathan was the professional that I came to appreciate, he promised the exotic cake would come on time and it did. He promised that it would look grand and it looked better than that. More important it tasted immense. The party went perfect, and my guests all ask where this adult cake came from. I hear my sister just ordered one in Chicago Illinois for August can’t wait to see the master piece. Love you guys, special thanks to Nathan for his diligence & help.

33. Lincoln (Florida, Tampa) — I have thrown many parties over the years and Erotic Bakery USA definitely knows how to make a perfect cake. The manager Joe made the process so easy it would be a sin if I didn’t give them rave reviews. Do Not Pass Erotic Bakery USA or you will lose out on one of the best cakes and experiences you will ever have. Tampa, FL

34. Rebecca (New Jersey, Ashbury0 — My experience with Erotic Bakery has been wonderful.  I have used Erotic Bakery for the past several years and have been extremely happy with their cakes and service.  The cakes are delicious; shaped as ordered and delivered on time as promised.  It’s not just for erotic baked goods, it’s so much more than that, the customer designs it and they make it, for all ages from 1 to 101 and for any occasion.   I order number shaped cakes with charters (a pop star; a cartoon figures; a movie star ect) for my Goddaughter’s birthday parties and each year she and her friends talk about her cake.  This year she turns 8. I would recommend that anyone who wants to be the talk of the party, use Erotic Bakery for the cake.  I also appreciate my sales representative, who wished to remain anonymous.  Thank you sales representative (you know who you are).   Until the next occasion.

35.  Jill (Colorado, Highlands Ranch) — Recently I was looking for a sexy b-day cake for my husband’s 55th b-day!!! I live in Colorado,so started there… I looked at several and was very dismayed. I wanted it to look more realistic,as my husband would only be 55 once in my lifetime… So my on-line search began.. I found erotic baking in usa. I made my selection,and within a few hours,recieved my first call.. My sales person was warm,friendly,and knew what he was talking about. He kept my secret b-day cake top secret. His calls came up restricted,so my husband wouldn’t answer my phone. He called on delivery day,to check up. Delivery was right to my front door. I peeked as soon as the coast was clear,and was delighted. I was nervous that even though the salesman,had me convinced, that I would be happy.That it was going to look as cheesy as the ones I saw in Denver. Man was I ever wrong. The cake was absolutely beautiful,and quite the hit @ the party.. My lil sister will be getting married in Aug.If they can find me blown sugar balls,and checkerboard,then we will be using them again and again.. Party was a hit, cake was moist and so very perfect…. Thanks again for all your help and support.. Turned out better then I could of imagined…

36. Donna (New Jersey, Manahawkin) — My daughter’s boyfriend was having his 25th birthday.  2 days before his birthday she asked him what kind of cake he wanted he said a Boob cake, not thinking he’d get one. I figured what a great idea, we were going to give him a surprise party we’ll surprise him and get him that cake. I looked online to see what I can find. Not really thinking I’d get anything it was only a few days before his party. I was pleasantly surprised when I spoke to Joe. He was so friendly and helpful. He told me it was no problem. I loved the idea of picking your own window for a  delivery time. I felt Aaron was very professional. He waited until I was by the fax machine before he faxed me the contract. He kept in contact with me, he called to see if the delivery was made, told me to call him if there were any problems. He even called later on to see how the cake went over but the birthday boy hadn’t arrived yet. He helped me with the wording we decided on “Breast Wishes”. I asked for a filling he wasn’t sure they could do but said he’d try and they did it for me. The cake was such a hit!!! I figured the cake was more for show and might not taste good, well was I wrong! That cake was SO GOOD I can’t stop eating the leftovers, not that there was much left over. I would definately order from them again. The cakes are a little pricey I didn’t know what to expect when I called but I bake alot and know that it takes alot of time to make and decorate a cake. It was worth every penney. I would definately order from them again.

37. Eleni ( Philadelphia Pennsylvania ) — When I called to order a cake for my son’s 26th birthday, I did it with only a few hours notice. To my surprise and delight, Neil , the manager, took care of the order in a timely fashion and worked quickly to get my order in and delievered. When the cake was delievered, it was just as I had expected and more. Couldn’t wait for the party to begin to get a little taste and the goodness continued. Very tasty cake with lots of sex appeal. The delivery person was courteous and arrived on time just as Aaron told me he would. It was a pleasure to deal with Aaron who made me feel like a v.i.p. Give this bakery a try. You’ll be the hit of the party.

38. Anthony (Connecticut , Stamford) — heard about this site earlier in the year, and had to check it out to believe it! The selection of cakes was second to none. There were so many different styles and options! It rocked! I ordered a cake for a friends birthday party, and was very impressed with the cake once it arrived…it looked just like the picture on their website. Customer service was excellent. I worked with Aaron, and he was helpful beyond belief. He was attentive, and very professional. He followed the order from the beginning thru the end…even following up with a phone call to make sure the cake was delivered on time, and that it exceeded my expectations. I would definately use this site again, and look forward to the next party I throw. Anthony P.

39. Neely (California, Hesperia) — I have used Erotic Bakery for the last two years and have been very happy with the cakes.  In 2008 I ordered a breast cake wearing a red laced bra.  This year in March, I ordered another breast cake, this time wearing a white tank top.  I ordered the cake one day before the party and had it delivered on time.  Both times I have been impressed with the cakes.  I’m sorry to read that a few of the previous customers had such a negative experience.  I also spoke with Joe the manager on both occassions and he has been great.  I will definately continue to buy cakes from them.  I will be uploading the pics of both cakes…

40.  Janice (California , Corna ) — I’m Janice from Corona, Ca. This is the 2nd time I have ordered from Erotic Bakery, We got an ass cake for my husbands 40th birthday with the phrase “hope your party was a blast now enjoy your piece of ass”, the cake was bad ass ;), then we just got a cock cake for my sisters 35th birthday that was the best cake ever! Both cakes taste good & looked hot! But the service was the best, the cakes were on time & Neil made sure to keep me updated thank you & check out the pic’s!

41.  Darryl (Illinois, Palatine ) — I ordered a penis cake for a friend’s going away party.  It was a hit!!!  The cake was delivered promptly in perfect condition, and not only was it hilarious, it tasted phenominal.  And Aaron was so helpful through the ordering and confirmation process.  Would definitely order from Erotic Bakery in the future!!!!!

42.  Jalissa (New York, brooklyn) — I ordered a penis cake form Erotic Bakery USA, for my mother’s birthday party. It was something no one at the party expected, the cake caught every body’s eye and we all took pictures. The cake have chocolate fondant and chocolate filling. the cake tasted great. Arron the manger was very helpful and nice about everything, even when we was making last minute changes to the cake.

43.  Pam (Florida , Palm City )  — I ordered a penis cake from Erotic Bakery USA,  as a surprise for a friend’s birthday luncheon.  It was quite a surprise.  The icing was a white fondant and the cake was chocolate with a (excuse me hahah) chocolate cream filling.    People who were dining around us came over and took photos with their cell phones.  The cake was not only hysterically funny, but it was truly the best cake I have ever tasted (no pun).  I do a lot of baking and it was a gourmet cake.     Joe, the manager, was very good to work with. Living in Palm City
Florida, I was concerned about ordering from New York.  The cake was personally delivered at the exact time I was told that it would arrive.  I would order another cake without a moments hesitation,  THANX JOE!   love Pam the Philly Chic Chick.

44.  Robert (New York, Bronx ) — I ordered a cake for a friend’s birthday in the Bronx, NY. I was not sure if I was going to get the cake or not, but after hearing my friend’s ultimatum (Get me the cake or no party), I had no choice. In comes Erotic Baking USA. I called them around on the Saturday of the party at 4:30 PM telling them exactly the cake I needed and that I needed it delivered to my house by 9:00 PM. The manager (shouts to Joe) was soooooooo helpful and courteous. He took my order and not only did I get my cake that same night, I got it early! Even called me to make sure I got it.

The cake was a big hit with everyone, especially the birthday girl. I recommended Erotic Bakery to everyone there and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a sexy, unique and memorable cake. Keep up the good work guys!!!

45.  Judith ( New York, Manhattan) — Recently, some coworkers and I were painstakingly looking for a fun, good quality sexy cake and were not coming up with good options. I came across the Erotic Bakery doing a web search. The pictures looked terrific so I prayed it was going to be as good as it looked. It arrived exactly on time, looked fantastic and much to my happiness, it was delicious. There were 40 people eating it and all I heard was praise and requests for their business card. I highly recommend them not just for their erotic cakes but they make other style cakes as well.

46. Samantha ( Massachusetts, Mashpee) =— I found this website by searching google and ended up extremely pleased! The cake was delivered promptly (I live on Cape Cod), it was gorgeous and extremely tasty!!  Also I was called to see how the cake turned out and if I was happy. I am really pleased with the Erotic Bakery and I will visit them again in the future!

47.  De C. (Washington DC) — I live in the Washington, DC Metropolitan area and I was searching on line for an erotic cake site. I came across and found just what I needed. I ordered the blow job cake and it was perfect. The service was fast and the cake was ready by the time I got off of work. We had his party Friday 12/19/08 at a spanish club called Bravo Bravo’s and the cake was the talk of the club. Everyone was taking pictures up untill we cut the cake. The cake tasted as good as it looked. Now we are all looking for another reason to throw a party and order another cake.
De Cash

48.  Lisa (New York, Brooklyn) — i have used the erotc baker twice this week, once for a photo cake for a bake fair and one for a birthday party.. obviously the bake sale cake was a typical cake that one might request at a bakery.. Joewas able to search for an image on line that was a depictation of an ancient greek tablet which was the exact image that was needed.. our cake was delivered within 24 hours and the effort was seamless, all it took was a phone call. the second cake that i ordered was a naughty birthday cake for a friend.. this is not the first time i have used the bakery over the years,but the cakes never seem to fail to please.  they provide many hours of laughter and fun for years to come.  it is the one thing that i find people remember over the course of years.  i know i haven’t yet mentioned it but i must say the cakes are delicious as well!!  service is execellent

49. Alisha (New York , Woodside ) — I ordered a boob cake for my best friends birthday and it was awesome! It was so simple to order the cake with great customer service and i had no problems with the delivery whatsoever. I’ll absolutely use this place again. It made my friends night.

50. Daniel (New York, Queens) — We wanted to a good source for my sister bachelorette party, and her boss told her that Erotic Bakery was the place to go. I went with her cause she was a little shy, and was impressed at the key lime pie in the form of a busty woman’s torso, even the strawberry nippled looked real! My sister got a huge tamarind cock, and a chocolate ass with raspberry thong. I will recomednd it for a funny gift, bachelorette or simply to fill your guilty tummy.





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